Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nathan's email from December 23

Subject: Feliz Natal
hello world, I'm dreaming of a very very wet Christmas. Brazil's underwater!!! Actually just parts of it is, the weather is actually very interesting. I put on my sunscreen at 10 o clock, the sun is blazing hot. We make it to lunch and by the time we finish eating and get outside I couldn't see blue, and we ran for home to get our umbrellas. By the time we reached home it started raining and it rained so hard for 20 minutes we couldn't get out of our house with or without umbrellas. (made Utah rain look like the sprinkler you put on your hose) but the forecast says Christmas will be wet.
Well now that I've bored you out with the forecast in Brazil, I'll let you know how things are going down here. Elder Richards and I are doing great, we keep finding new awesome people down here. It's funny elder Richards can make a contact and I've never seen anyone not stop lol its fun :D but its way cool. The problem is with the holidays everyone is traveling or the other common thing in Brazil is short term work at the shopping places during the holidays. So everyone's working or running to grandmas house lol. But we have found a few people in house including one lady which I would like to share with you. So we were walking down a road that I've never been on before and we pass the nicest house on the road. I look over at elder and say "imagine eating lunch at that house" he walked right up and rang the door bell, leaving me with my mouth hanging open. This was last Saturday, yesterday being Monday we taught her the first lesson and gave her a book of Mormon, it was really nice and the spirit was very strong there. She is active in another church and never lets other people into her house, but like I said elder Richards has a gift :D, maybe it wasn't elder that made it work, truly the spirit touches each of us so that every ear may hear the message of the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
anywho that's all I've got for this week, I'll be calling home soon so I'll share more love then, ate mais meus amados!
Elder Nate Spencer

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